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Frozen New York Minute

Creativity is taking the same and finding ways to make it different. Personally, photography is a way for me to express that creativity. There is something about capturing everyday moments from life's crazy busy journey. But, what if we could stop time & really take a look at what's around us? Would we notice something different for the very first time? Whether your visiting somewhere for the first time or in your own backyard, photos often freeze moments in time. 

If you want to gain an understanding of how small we are in comparison to this world, visit New York City. The fast paced, hustle has given it the reputation of "The City That Never Sleeps"& "A New York Minute."  Most that live here are on a mission to pursue their own set of goals. But what if we could stop time? What if we could freeze the frame in order to really observe our surroundings? I believe aerial photography is one of the best ways to do that. It gives you a different perspective that allows you to see the path that so many people are on. Could the gentleman on the left possibly be heading to the local market? Or the gentleman on the right be on the last hour of his work shift? Is that moving bus transporting doctors, students, or a local inspiring artist? In my opinion, views from above allow the mind to travel much further.

Jason's tutorials have helped me to realize that by just changing the perspective, you can really tell a story with your photos. Taking photos from above is unique in that it really gives you a great perspective of scale, such as the size of the people in comparison to Lower Manhattan's massive cityscape. These tutorials have encouraged me to get out and shoot from a different perspective. A higher perspective. Whether it be from standing on a ladder or on the back of a pick up truck. Thanks for sharing. - Garrett Cox @garrettacox


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