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Frozen Movie Poster

  • So I've decided to remake a poster from my current favorite movie. This poster has the visuals from the French poster, but with English titles.

French Frozen Movie Poster

  • So far, this project has been taking quite a long time. I've only got three more areas to focus on with the shape building; Elsa's hair, Arendele and the mountains. I'm quite proud of the way the snowflake and Elsa's arms have turned out. I have gotten a little overexcited and already started adding gradients and glow and such to some areas. What do y'all think?

  • So I've finished Elsa, and Arendele now, but still working on the mountains. I decided to basically paint them all in with the blob brush tool. I've decided I'm not completely happy with the little aurora, so I will be changing that in the near future. I am in love with how Elsa's hair came out, and am quite proud of my mountains. Still working on the last little section of mountains, but hopefully I'll be done with shape building soon!

  • So here's my finished poster! I hope you all like it!


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