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Blake Anderson

Creative Director of Frosty Headwear



Frosty Headwear

Frosty Headwear started when I was a freshman in high school when my friend's mom taught him and I how to loom knit one day. I saw an opportunity of how we could make revenue off of these hand crafted hats we were making and a few weeks later turned it into a low cost start up business when I was 15. The name was originally BB (Blake & Brent) Headwear but it just didn't sound right to me. Living in Minnesota I grew up with harsh winters and started brainstorming something that was similar to the state of  Minnesota, winter and snow. Something that would signal customers that our company makes winter hats. I then came up with Frosty Headwear. 

Frosty Headwear started to become popular at my high school and our local terrain park with all of the stickers we were slapping around. We were getting custom orders everyday and making a good profit off of people in our area. We then expanded into retail at a few board shops and were successful of selling all of the hats we put on consignment. Lacrosse eventually took over my snowboarding days because I couldn't risk getting hurt and miss any tournaments with my select team, the Minnesota Loons. I also lost interest in my successful company (Frosty Headwear) around that time. Playing NCAA lacrosse was a dream of mine and I turned it into a reality but the University was not the right fit for me.

This past spring I found a box full of yarn, knitting looms, stickers and already knitted hats. I saw this as a great opportunity to create. The previous semester I took an Introduction to Philosphy course and learned, "To create is not about wealth, but to make a positive impact in reality". I took that to heart in promoting my brand in striving to impact the world postively. 

Today, Frosty Headwear hand knits hats, head bands, mittens, scarves, back packs, purses, sunglass bags and stash bags all made in Minnesota. We also carry snap backs, 5 panels, apparel and accessories that are also manufactured in the United States. To encourage enthusiastic extreme sport athletes we give sponsorships to those that are dedicated day to day and represent themselves as well as the brand positively. Frosty Headwear's goal is to be well known around the world and to help others accept  opportunity life throws us willingly and enthusiastically.

Embrace your opportunity, Stay Frosty. 


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