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Erica Nash




Frosting to my Cupcake

What a great class! Thanks, Amarilys, for some very excellent information. This is my first pass at the project. I didn't use photoshop on the first go around, instead painted the entire image on one page to get a feel for the project. 

I always sketch on grid paper and paint using a light box.


And then the painted version:


I have mixed feelings about it. I think there are aspects that I like: "you're, the, cupcake"; the dots--but there are others I knew right away were not going to work. I should have matched the word "frosting" to "the." It would have popped a little better. I also should have made the cupcakes bigger. I thought it would be fun to add other toppings, like the cherries and sprinkles, but upon reflection I would rather them not be there.

So I will be doing another version and using Photoshop as you recommended. I'll update soon.


I went back and painted another set and used Photoshop to edit. I'm much happier with the result. The first one used all my own hand lettering, which after some thought I felt worked fine except for the word frosting. It needed to be thicker. So I deleted it and changed it to a digital font in the same color. I think it works well.



I played with different color backgrounds, but they didn't work and drowned everything else out. I used the select inverse technique to cut out the lettering, but I'm very familiar with Illustrator and the pen tool, so I used it to do the cupcakes. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the result. I'd welcome any feedback. Amarilys, what are your thoughts on combining watercolor and digital elements?

Thanks again!



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