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Frostholm Family Crest

My family originally hails from Denmark, and Frostholm is a family name that isn't very common. I wanted to create something that had clean lines found in Danish degins, and the colors of the Danish flag, with just a hint of the old world european feel in the type. I tried to capture the things that were important to me and my family. Our last name roughly translates into either Cold Isle or Cold Mountain, so I used the image ot the snow capped mountanin on the water. My family has always taken pride in our Danish heritage, but fully embraces being American; thus the tag line "Danish Pride • American Standard" in the banner.  We're from the midwest, originally the Chicago area, and I grew up in Minnesota, so I wanted the laurel to be more representative of grains of wheat. And finally my hobbis is home brewing, so I incorporated beer as one of the graphic elelments of the crest.

I'd like feed back on what you think of my design.  Thanks.


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