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Fronted By


"fronted by"

The name "fronted by" was inspired by the fact that it is a phrase used primarily in the context leadership of something different, exciting or dynamic. Rock bands, gangs, armies, revolutions - these are all groups or movements "fronted by" usually iconic leaders. This brand is meant to embody the quality of those leaders in those who wear it.

Can be stylised to frntd.x 

Mission Statement:

"Set A New Pace"

This mission statement conveys the important message that we are in control of our own destiny. It is a competitive message and one which can apply to any aspect of life.

Sample wordmark and logos (all done on Powerpoint so please excuse the quality)

Wordmark - Long version (Capital F)

Wordmark - Long version (small f)

Wordmark - stylised (Capital F)

Wordmark - stylised (small f)

Initial draft logo: Medal signifiying achievement, leading and competition. Military style to symbolise that there are many battles in everyday life that we overcome.



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