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Front Back Side 2 Side - A Staple of Branding: How to Start Your Fashion Company Project



Front Back Side 2 Side derives from a Low-rider (1964 impala, most notable) term.  An old school vehicle with hydraulics that can elevate in the air, submerge to the ground, in all directions (FBS2S / North, South, East& West). Most people who do not initially know the term right off hand usually grasp the concept immediately due to them seeing this art form in person, television or song.

The low-rider culture is known for bringing groups of cultures to one location to exhibit their work. The seed of this culture derived from Los Angeles (West) and has spread globally to far East (Japan). Low riding, hip hop music, and sex appeal are synonymous and has flourished over the years at many complimenting each other for global success.

FBS2S the brand, represents the “The Way We Go Hard and Play in LA (Los Angeles)” . The blood, sweat, time, passion & sacrifice individuals would put into a collection individually and collectively for the world to see and enjoy. FBS2S is a movement that goes in all directions, but stands still (stays rooted) all at the same time. FBS2S keeps you spirits lifted, sometimes you have to get up to get down, and last but not least, you need that side 2 side companion that sticks with you through thick and thin.


Check Avaliability

Name is available for Copyright and Trademark

Hired an attorney who specializes in this field to process my paperwork


Form Company of Corporation

Front Back Side 2 Side (dba), LLC is formed in CA in good standing.


Brand Name / Slogan

Front Back Side 2 Side

 All Sides    Worldwide

Extra Credit Video Link:





Word Mark









Consider logo availability in the consumer's mindspace

I believe my logo to be unique, it has caused potential consumers to ask what my symbol means. I have tested this belief by setting up a booth at a local car show, I placed by 3D Embroidered hats with just my logo and was able to 8 of the 12 hats with no banner or flyers. Of the 400 To 500 people that crossed my booth, I probably received 60% in just inquiring minds who wanted to know what my icon meant.


Show your Logo and Word Mark



Extra Credit: Showcase your scaled Logo:







Create a customer profile:

Selling to young adults and older adults who are into main or underground fashion. I feel that I can appeal to everyone after I did my first trade show at HEMPCON 2013 photos:

Theme for Collection

The theme for FBS2S is called “How The West was Won”.

My initial collection was inspired by everything ‘West Coast’. It did not exclude consumers from other regions, but I had to show my local constituents how this brand will and shall get down from this point forward from the Pacific to be specific. I have made moves in the cut and sew aspect of my brand and my accessories line. My biggest accomplishment on a national seen will come from the collaboration of New York and Los Angeles brands in one collection (HOPEFULLY AGENDA 2014!)

Here is the creation of my most popular item from FBS2S:



How the West was Won (Men / Women Graphic T-Shirts) Link:



How the West was Won (FBS2S Embroidered Logo Shirts) Link:



How the West was Won (Women After Dark) Link:



How the West was Won (Chain Gang) Link:



How the West was Won (Caps) Link:






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