Fromagerie l'Amuse

Fromagerie l'Amuse - student project

Hey my name is Mark and I live in the Netherlands. First of all, thank you Micky for your excellent course!

I am working on an logo for a store in IJmuiden, the place that I live. It is not a very big town, but we have here one of the best fromageries (Cheese shop) of the Netherlands. People are willing to travel a long way to buy their cheeses and wine here. They sell only the best cheeses from all over Europe.

The shop is called l'Amuse.

Because cheese and wine are very traditional products, I wanted to make a script style logo. Inspiration came mainly from the internet:

French shops

Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 1 - student project

Cheese packaging


Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 2 - student project

Then I came up with the idea of a handwritten script In such way that it would look like written with a bit of nonchalance. Just like the cheesemaker wrote a note, a recipe or something like that.

Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 3 - student project

Now it's time to pick up the pencils....

UPDATE 09-18-2016

These are my sketches:

Trying out some ideas and letterstyles:

Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 4 - student project

Maybe adding a kind of logo to it:

Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 5 - student project

I think I like these two idea the most:

Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 6 - student project

Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 7 - student project

I decided to work with the script style version of the logotype, with this version I only struggled with the letter 'l' and 's'. After working with the tracing paper, and making some more sketches of the 'l' and 's'....

Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 8 - student project

This is the screenshot of illustrator. Working with guides was a littlebit difficult, because of the different baseline of the letters.

Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 9 - student project

And this is the final result, I added a logo to it. Inspired by the cheese packages, with a creamy, milkish look to it.

Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 10 - student project

Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 11 - student project

Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 12 - student project

Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 13 - student project

Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 14 - student project

Fromagerie l'Amuse - image 15 - student project

I am pretty happy with the result, I'm curious what you guys think of it! Feed back is much appreciated. Thank you for take a look at my work!