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Fromage en Accion project

I'm going to give this list of "trips I've taken" a go, but I know I have been to places that I have no idea what their names are, like tiny towns and things like that. But lets try:

Mexico (local) and US

Bahia de los Angeles, Mexico
Tijuana,BC ,Mexico
Ensenada, BC,  Mexico
Tecate, BC,  Mexico
Mexicali,BC, Mexico
Rosarito, BC,  Mexico
San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora,  Mexico
Chihuahua, Mexico
Tamaulipas, Mexico
Mazatlan, Mexico
Guadalajara, Mexico
Sayula, Mexico
Guanajuato, Mexico
Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
Oaxtepec, Mexico
Ajijic, Mexico
Cajititlan, Mexico
Chapala, Mexico
Teotihuacan, Mexico

Irivine, CA
Los Angeles, CA
San Bernardino, CA
El Centro, CA
San Diego, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Palmdale, CA


Paris, France
Lyon, France
Some cute towns in France I don't remember the names of (it was 8 yrs ago)
Quito, Ecuador
Baños, Ecuador
Papallacta, Ecuador
Mindo, Ecuador


The one destination I want to focus on is Bahia de los Angeles. This is a trip I took with my best friend and her dad while we were freshmen in high school. We are the bestest of friends now (7 yrs later) but when that trip took place we didn't have that long since we started talking so I was quite nervous about the idea of traveling for a few days with her and her dad. As you figured, it all went perfectly okay and we bonded over our shared love for being outdoors, nature and animals. 

It was somewhere in middle of March when she invited me to a camping trip to Southern Baja California, here in Mexico, to see and hopefully get to touch some gray whales while they were in the area to deliver their babies in the warm waters of Baja. It was impossible to resist such offer, so I packed my bags and headed to her house the night before so we could leave early the next day as the sun was coming up. Bahia de los Angeles is 12hrs south from the border of Tijuana - San Diego, so we had plenty of time to bond on our way there, reading magazines and sharing the articles that interested us, listening to music, talking about nonsense and stoping along the way to take some pictures of the road and the view around it. We made a quick stop at San Ignacio, a little town known for being a mission for Jesuits and still having original churches from that time,  to walk around a little while and find something for lunch.

After a few more hours on the road we arrived at Bahia de los Angeles by sunset. We had a perfect view but limited time to set up the tents before we ran out of daylight, so we got straight to work... right after snacking on some peaches and oranges to fuel us up. Tents were up, pjs on, and lights out! It was such a magical experience to fall asleep to the sound of the water moving to the rythm of the wind just a few steps outside our tent. We could hear coyotes howling the night away, and even the steps of some curious wild visitors passing by our tent at different points of the night. 

The next day we woke up bright and early to get on the boat and do some whale watching. We sailed about 20min into the water where we were greeted by some very enthusiastic dolphings jumping next to our boat as we continued our search for whales. We stopped at the sight of a baby whale a few meters away from us, and this little girl wasn't shy at all. On the other hand, she was a show off! She kept swimming underneath our boat emphasizing tha magnitude of her size, even though she was only a baby she was a little bigger than our boat. Her mom came along, now we were speechless. There she was a huuuuuuge magnificent gray whale, who behave just like a puppy, she came near to us wanting to be pet, so we did. And the baby followed her mothers steps, making everyone in the boat extremely happy since we had a petting session on each side of the boat. It was an incredibly experience I will never forget. 


A rough draft of a list I want to explore and do a proper post on

7 things to do in Tijuana 

1) Go to CECUT (cultual center) to watch a play, an art exposition or a movie at the IMAX 
2) Go support the local soccer team Xolos at the stadium. Everyone knows how passionate us Mexicans are about our soccer or futbol -as we call it- teams. 
3) Go to the beach! Tijuanas beach is not the type of beach where you actuall get in the water, is more of a cold beach where you get a coffee and walk in the sand, or just sit and enjoyr the beautiful sunset.
4) TACOS. TACOS. TACOS! My favorite ones are in downtown. 
5) Visit "La Sexta" at night. This is the main street in downtown flooded with all types of bars, for all types of music tastes. Super fun and super cheap!
6) Eat at Colectivo 9. A cutesy/ hispter-y food court in downtown Tijuana with all types of foods, all with a side of fairy lights above the table. 
7) Walk through Pasaje Rodriguez. Also located in downtown Tijuana, is a cultural passage, filled with local brands, craft beers and colorful murals. 


I would like to create a recurring post about a "weekly favorite moment/thought" have a picture, only one and have a story behind it, or maybe have the story or thought be the main point and just accompany it with the picture. This would be a good way to add something more personal to my blog constantly. 


I am a mini expert on :

-travel light
-live out of a suitcase
-save money while traveling
-being practical
-getting lost in a city in order to get to know it
-talking to taxi drivers and getting tips from them and a view of the local culture
-asking for help on the road while being smart
-having many passions
-lazy cook= easy meals
-adventure sports


I like to travel because I like to challenge myself. I like feeling lost, I like having to ask for help, I like having to interact with people, it forces me to get out of my comfort zone. I like feeling as if I don't belong somewhere and then slowly becoming a part of it, and then when I get too comfortable I feel like its time to move on and then again look for that challenge in life somewhere else. 
I love everything that travel brings. The questioning, the confusion, the excitement, the growth, the inspiration. And thats something I wont get by being in one place. I must keep moving, I must keep traveling. 


Location: South America

Unique aspect: I would love to do a motorcycle trip through South America

How you could recreate it: Watch movies related to it, and read books about it and recommend some of them on my blog 


Q's for other travelers:

Whad would be your MUST tips for going to India? 
Best camera equipment to travel with? (Good quality for HD video and photos, not huge and heavy)


The one post I am going to work on is the list of things to do in Tijuana, because I know Tj gets a reall bad rep around the world so I want to show the good things it has to offer. Will work on it... I need to get a few pictures, and I will come back to post the link to it :)
In the mean time this one is my blog

Loved the class! 


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