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From where the Nile flows

I am Angela Wells, a digital storyteller for a refugee agency in eastern Africa. My passion for social change, travel and movement has drawn me to inspiring change makers around the world. My favorite, without a doubt, is Ocitti David - a former child soldier with the LRA he now directs Pathways to Peace, an organization designed to reintegrate people forcibly conscripted into the rebel group back into Ugandan society.

We met in 2011 and have stayed friends since. Our schedules managed to overlap for 24 hours last month and we had a beautiful day in Jinja, Uganda at the source of the Nile River - a place where human movement has always thrived. 

David's contagious laugh is constant. Here, tells a story upon realizing his jeep's tire had gone flat: once while in northern Uganda his car got stuck in the mud. In order to get the attention of the local villagers he blasted his newest playlist - ripe with Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars tunes. The village chief eventually came with the men from the community who agreed to push him out, but "let us first dance" he said. So, a thirty minute dance party to American pop tunes commenced in the mud before David was on his way.


After fixing the flat tire, we were on our way - cruising down the beautiful red dirt roads along the banks of the Nile until we stopped for breakfast of Ugandan street food - chapati (a sort of pancake) and eggs.



After we were fully filled up on chapati and eggs, we headed to the gorgeous river for a day of view gazing and rope swinging.




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