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From the mouths of dead scribes

No time to put much in here. In a nutshell, we are a company that has been producing content for 35 years. We have overseen over 225 digital and print titles for literally every kind of client, organization, association or business, B2C, B2B. One of our divisions, MSP-C, is geared to the creation of context-sensitive content for several multinationals including, IBM, General Mills, 3M, McKesson, Teradata, Optum, United Health Group, etc.

Our branding for MSP-C is rooted in a thought leader series of blogs called Content Kings,  a newly designed website ( and social (Twitter, FB, Linkedin) and an earned media campaign starting soon.

The center of the cyclone for us is differentiation, from the plethora of ad agencies, PR firms and digital service agencies selling themselves as content creators. Our DNA is magazine writing, 35+ years worth. We believe magazine writers, editors, marketers have the best sense for creating buzzy, sticky stories that resonate with consumers and customers. We position oursleves on our website as having ROI in our DNA, that is, we had to "sell" content to subscribers and newsstand buyers long before clicks were being counted by metric bean counters. We know what it takes to engage.

Check out the website. It features our work, our positioning and our brand. I'm checking out this Godin class to see if it's something our writers and editors should participate in.

That's what's up here.


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