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From the life of Matthias

Hey there,I'm really happy I stumbled over this class and immediately signed up for skillshare to check it out. Have been trying to do some comics about the adventures of my exciting life between bed and sofa and office before but I never really got into it. Maybe that will change now. Got home late today and didn't have much time but wanted to at least try out some sketches. Here's what I got:

I am  a pretty tall and skinny guy, mostly friendly and smiling, sometimes a little bit goofy and awkward. I tried to integrate those features into the drawings. Was mostly focussing on the face/head on these sketches - will have to work on the body as well.

...and here are some comic representations of mine from earlier work. As I said I tried to do some comics before but somehow I never managed to find "the one" design for my character. 

Any feedback is appreciated! Hope I will manage to create a more specific design and a character sheet soon.

Until then - if anybody is interested - here you can find some earlier attempts of me being funny:


Okay, so here's the character sheet for my personal mini-me. As soon as I left "scribble mode" my lines became way less loose (using a textured brush in photoshop helped a little)  and overall the character looks a little stiff to me. Anyhow - I probably could work forever on the character sheet without ever creating a single comic so this is it for now. Maybe i will do another version at the weekend. 

***90 minutes later***

Arrrrrhhhh, couldn't help it but had to try another version. Have to get some sleep soon so I drew way more quickly on this one. Probably a good thing because I like this new drawing way more. 

I lprefer the sketchlines over the "final" ones but the  layout with the black lines on top of the red ones appeals to me, too. Will see where this takes me.

Update Feb 9th

Okay, here we go. Worked on the character sheet for the last time and finally finished the first comic. Not sure if anyone else will find it funny but my mom says it's hilarious and I am a great great artist.

I wanted to add some more contrast to my drawings so I decided to use some grey (black looked better but I am a blonde guy so turning my hair black just felt wrong.)

Won't be able to upload any more comics for the next couple of days but I definitely will create more and set up a tumblr as soon as time allows. Until then thanks a lot for all the feedback and the inspiration!!

Update Feb 13th

Hey there - I'm on holidays right now but that didn't keep me from drawing. Only got a shitty photo from my shitty cellphone but I will post my latest creation anyways. As soon as I am back I will finally start that blog of mine and leave you guys here in peace :)

Update March 8th

Hey there, I'm back from holidays and I uploaded one more comic just because I would like to ask your permission, Sarah, before putting it on my soon to be published blog. If you are not happy with the comic or would like me to change something please tell me and I will keep it in my digital drawer/ edit it. 

Apart from that thanks again for this really motivating and inspiring little course!

my newly set up webcomic can be found here:


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