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Jesse Phouangphet




From the Land of Oz to the Streets

First I would like to tell you a little about this small up and coming brand from the land of OZ.

MADΞ is an urban apparel brand based out of Kansas City, Missouri. MADΞ represents individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to become greatly successful. MADΞ refuses to accept the life that is handed to them but instead strives to create their own outcome. MADΞ is a brand that visually displays the challenges, dedication, defiance, and success of those on the mission to get MADΞ. 

We have been making appearances weekly establishing a stomping ground that Spreads from KCMO to Lawrence Kansas. We hit the Skate scene in the Spring but Summer has been all about Music and promoting some bad ass artist, both local and national, so we have teamed up with venues like the Granada and Bottleneck in Lawrence, and Uptown theater in Kansas City to promote some great shows. We not only helped to promote these shows, but this gave us the opportunity to meet our market. We were able to set up shop at all these shows and interact with the audiences of all these artists which we beleived to be be our core target market. We didnt want the brand to be boxed in by such stigmas such as being only a "Hip Hop Brand" or a "Skater Brand" and ect. In doing so we opened the doors to meeting a wide varition of people that still fits with in the age range from 13 year olds to people in their late twenties. We were able to interact and showcase our brand to these people and ultimatly recieve feedback. Here are some pictures from a couple concerts we were blessed to have the opportunity to showcase our products with and the lovely people we were able to meet as a brand. 



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