From the Andes to NYC: behind the scenes with Abya Yala, preparing for their next Andean performance

VIDEO - first draft here 


New York City, early winter: a white-haired eldery lady walks out of a bar with a tote bag full of beer bottle caps. A middle-aged man walks out of Home Depot with a bag of wires. A woman steps off the subway carrying a llama mask. A man exits a Peruvian restaurant carrying take out.

They meet up at an apartment in the shadow of the Empire State Building. joined by several other man and women. The apartment is small but cozy, adorned with paintings, masks, blankets that appear Peruvian. There are hugs, kisses, laugher, joking, as people enter. 

The bottle caps are emptied onto an Andean rug. Other tools appear -- hammers, pliers. Swaths of colorful cloth are placed on the floor. Musical instruments - Andean flutes - appear. On the computer screen, a YouTube video is playing, of  Andean festival with music and dance 

Everyone has a project. The women are sewing, seated on the floor, laughing. THe men are banging on bottle caps, heating and and twisting wire. Flutes are picked up. Notes are practiced, with glimpses over to the YouTube video. Then a dance rehearsal, as one of the woman demonstrates steps. Food appears.

The scraps of cloth begin to take shape into costumes. Scraps of wire and bottle caps beome musical instruments and bracelets. Something is being created... 

Fade into: 

Video of the actual traditional Huaylillas dance from the Andes.

Title Card: Abya Yala presents: the Huayliyas dance in NYC, at the Museo del Barrio (date/address, more info/website)


12-16-2012:  Gatheing at apartment for instrument-making and rehearsal
01-4-2012:   Three Kings Parade (for separate short video)
12-23-2012:  Other exteriors (subway, Home Depot, bars)


Week of 12-17: Edit material shot of apartment gathering, with video of traditional fiesta in Peru, and title card. For Skillshare assigment. 


* No dialogue. We hear the Huaylillas music in the background, the sounds of laughter, greetings, musical notes, a snippet of instruction or comment. 

* Shot list

For exterior shots of people exiting buildings (bar, home depot, etc) - wide and medium shots, on tripod. Want to see neighborhood, the feeling of NYC.

For shoot inside apartment of rehearsal: medium shots to capture entire group, and close ups of fingers, faces, materials. Intimate. Hand held. 


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