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From barrel to barbell

Alright, it's not quite so bad, I have a normal weight and do not look like a barrel, but I couldn't resist the pun. But I've been slacking off lately and I need to feel good about my body again.

My approach is three-pronged: diet, exercise and self-discipline.


  1. Start with basic IF (intermittent fasting), since it seems to work well with my schedule. 16/8 fasting/eating, eating under maintenance 6 days a week and relaxing a little on the seventh. Focus on lean protein and veggies, minimize starchy carbs and gluten.
  2. Move to LeanGains and macro targets.


  1. Lift 3 times a week. If I miss a training one week I make up for it the next week.
  2. Look into an acceptable alternative to "cardio". I absolutely loathe running and any cardio machines. MMA seems like a viable (and fun!) option at this point, but access to training is not so good.
  3. Progress to training 4+ times a week.


  1. Stick to my own rules.
  2. Maintain this approach for 3 months.
  3. Turn IF, healthy eating and regular exercise into lifestyle habits.


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