From Zero to Fitness Hero

I grew up with no self-esteem at all!  It runs in my family.  After my oldest was born, I woke up one morning at 200 pounds and I was disgusted.  After years of up and down, I realized I had to do something to make a change for a lifetime.  I don't want my children to inherit my self-esteem and bad eating habits.  I won entry into The Gunnar Challenge and decided to give it everything I had.  I was the very first Gunnar Challenge winner!!!  I was so proud of myself and what I had done.  My whole family was finally becoming interested in living a healthy life.  That was the best prize ever.  I was bitten hard by the fitness and nutrition bug so I've decided that my new goal is to become a personal trainer.  I'm so excited to learn as much as I can and help people realize their dreams!


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