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From The Ashes: Detroit

Yo, It's Rodrigo!

Hello, my name is Rodrigo Ferrer - Gonzaga (@trap_rod). I'm a 19 year old photographer residing in Livonia, Michigan and where I reside, Detroit is only 10 minutes away. All my life, my parents would tell me to "stay away from Detroit" as it was a dangerous city, they would say. I can't blame them. During dinner, we would watch the news and repedatly hear stories of homocide, theft, burgalary's and other bad news about Detroit. My first expierence ever traveling and being in Detroit was in 5th grade when my classmates and I, took a field trip to a Detroit Tigers game. I'll never forget the moment when we finally pulled up on Woodward Avenue and seen the giant buildings engulfing us and people walking the streets so nonchanlantly. "This isn't bad at all", I said to myself and as soon as we stepped off of the bus, right at that moment, I was hooked. Detroit became like a second home to me. Growing up and finishing high school, I was always into photography and really inspecting photo's as they were presented. it drew me closer and closer and eventually after months of hard labor, I finally purchased my first ever camera. I work with a Canon T3i still with the kit lens. Starting out, I would walk around my neighborhood with some friends and take portrait and landcape shots. After a while, that became repeitive and I decided to take it up a couple of notches. A friend of mine, who is also a photographer, lives in a pretty micheivous part of Detroit and I would go up to his place and shoot around his neighborhood with him and would take trips to Downtown Detroit and shoot there as well. We made it a routine to do that every weekend and document the world around us. It started to grow on me and photography slowly started to become a passion of mine. With support from friends and family, it all makes it worth while. This is what I do and this is what I love. This is my city. Welcome to Detroit. 


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