From Subtle to Sultry: Eye Make Up Essentials - André Gonçalves


This is the story of my first make up course. I am a 25 years old man from Portugal and I became interested in make up only one month ago, so I am still learning the essential skills. My model is my girlfriend. She is very patient with me and fully supports my motivation and wants me to keep learning. My goal is to become a make up artist. I may have to make more than one attempt for each step. I appreciate very much all the feedback that I can get.

Step 1 (Daytime Look)

I haven't tried to complete this step yet.

Step 2 (Evening Look)

  • First attempt:

My first attempt to complete this step did not become exactly how I wanted. I used another makup brand and I don't have many eyeshadows. I used the ones that seemed closest in color but I don't know if they are close enough. I focused only on the eyes and lips. The face had some CC cream and the eyes still had some mascara. I did not put more mascara on. For this first attempt I only used eyeshadows and kohl pencil for the eyes and lip base and lipstick for the lips.

Before (eyes open):

Before (eyes closed):

After (eyes open):

After (eyes closed):


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