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Juliana Cuervo

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From Shadows

Well, finally I started this project. I was a bit blocked about the main idea, so I took Leo's advice "take the idea that is close to your heart" so... here are the 3 ideas that I drew. Before I start I want to tell you that english is not my native language so sorry me if i write bad, hope you understand :(


1.  Im a 25 year old lady and unfortunately I didn't have a bike in my childhood. For that reason I never learn to drive one, until this past summer when my boyfriend took some courage ( he was more afraid than I) and teach me how to do it. It was an amazing experience!! and really very important in my life, all time i felt so frustrated about the idea that I can ride a bycicle and everyone does. Was an amazing day full of laughts, screams, falls and scrapes. But believe me! I learn! well or that's what I prefer to think of.

2. I have a very scary teacher on my college, every end of semester I have to make some oral test if I want to win the matter. In past days I have a very bad encounter with her. She is bad!! like a witch!!! and treat me so bad during my test, finally she dessaproves me and unfortunatly I have to make the same materia again, at the end of the semester I meet her again!!!!! I feel so frustrated and in my brain I imagine all the ways I wish i could speak to her, without feeling bad or intimidate. Thanks god another teacher took me the exam and i could finally win!.

3. I sleep very badly, have nightmares very often and sometimes I felt that they mixed with reality. The third image was a very weird moment I have during my bed time. I was there with my blankets and suddenly a shadow of man appears en the front of my bed ( my bed is in front of the door) I didnt feel afraid, i was thinking  that shadow was from my boyfriend so I speak to "him" but didn't get an answer, here's when it comes the scary moment... my boyfriend was at my side in the bed! so he speak to me and said...what? i'm here....suddenly I dont see the shadow anymore. But as I know I have nightmares since I was a kid i didnt pay attention to this BUT! think that it was an amazing opportunity for scary story about some annunaki's or something like that hehehe.

That's the story behind this 3 ideas. I will try to work more on it and finally settled on one. 


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