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From Scratch

This project was born from two different things.  I am a designer at heart, but I love to bake.  Our home is always filled with some kind of baked goods and we never go a day without fresh bread in the house.  Bread is one item we never buy from a store and we are never short on desserts or treats to hand out to friends for whatever the occasion may be.  


Inspiration struck when a friend of mine went to an estate sale and brought back a vintage flour sifter from the 1950's.  It was given to me as a gift since they knew of my love for baking and I love it!  It is now one of my favorite possessions.  As I was sitting there staring at it and taking in all the detail of the illustration on it, inspiration struck and I knew I had to design a fabric collection around baking.  Something that would be perfect for tea towels, hot pads, and oven mitts.  That is how my latest collection, From Scratch, was born.

Name of Collection: From Scratch - here is the logo I created for the collection


Collection Story:  From Scratch is all about the thrill of baking, putting on an apron, covering yourself in flour, getting your hands dirty.  It is about the relaxing feeling you get from squishing your hands into freshly made dough and the satisfaction felt after licking a bowl of chocolate brownie batter.  Lastly, the memories that flood back as the smell of what is baking in the oven fills your home and reminds you of great times with friends and family.  

I researched mid-century color palettes for my collection and chose a colorway that had mid-century influences, but was still bright and modern (with a little bit of fun thrown in) and then also chose a more typical mid-century colorway and colored each pattern in two different colorways.  Here are the color palettes chosen, I entitled the colorways, Sprinkles and Batter:


I began hand sketching elements on my tablet and transferring them to my computer via dropbox as JPEGs, I then dragged them into Illustrator and used the Live Trace tool to turn each of my sketches into vector art.  Below is a few of my sketches that I started with.  From there I illustrated a few of the elements and then began to create patterns from them.  The wording you see if my calligraphy.  I recently took a calligraphy class and thought it would be fun to include some type in this collection.  So i scanned my hand calligraphy in and again, used the live trace tool to turn it into vector art.  After smoothing the edges a bit I had calligraphy to use in one of my patterns.


From here I created the patterns.  I now present to you the finished (well almost finished, I will be adding another 4 patterns to this collection before uploading to my Spoonflower store) collection.  Here is From Scratch!


I will first show the patterns in the Sprinkles colorway (as shown above)


And the Batter Colorway


Here are my patterns applied to some products:


That is From Scratch.  I really worked with it in Illustrator to evolve it to what I ended up with.  I have additional patterns I am working on currently with vintage flour canisters and some more baking utensils.  I will be adding these patterns to the collection before ordering swatches and putting it for sale in my Spoonflower store.  I hope you enjoyed my collection and that it just maybe inspired you to go whip something delicious up in the kitchen. 


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