From Scratch ~ Homemade Treats | Skillshare Projects

Lauren Coleman

Senior Designer at Spigit



From Scratch ~ Homemade Treats


Began illustrating the concept. Here's a solid start. Next I want to convert the "From Scratch" text into outlines and adjust the stroke densities on each letter. I also plan on adding the birthday candle and continuing to play with the colors. This is my first project of this kind, and I welcome feedback!


I sketched type on a cake stand, then explored some single slice concepts until I realized I was drawing pie. My bestie is really a classy gal, so I returned to the cake stand concept, this time incorporating type into the frosting. This was my favorite concept, and the one I want to explore further.


My bestie is an incredible cook and baker, showing her love to friends and family through amazing meals and desserts. She once said that if she ever got a tattoo, it would be the heart on her sleeve, and if she ever opened a bake shop, she would name it "From Scratch: Homemade Treats." I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to create a label for her, combining those elements with a classy birthday cake -- the baked good that she feels represents the ultimate celebration with food.

Check out my typography mood board on Pinterest. I spent some time studying Jon Contino's work, sketching some of his letters, in order to get warmed up and sink into the project.


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