From Russia with love ( and beets)

From Russia with love ( and beets) - student project

The potato salad in the picture is called "Herring under Fur Coat", or just "Fur Coat", "Shuba" in Russian.

I guess it's a variation of a polish potato salad since because of herring, but you see it also has beets. Go figure... What's interesting is how it's layered and not mixed so it looks very festive and picture perfect. Different tastes and textures of potato, herring, boiled carrots and beets with mayo and don't hit you all at once, but linger as you chew a forkful, so it makes it a perfect companion for a vodka shot.

As a side note, most of Soviet Russian Holiday cuisine is designed to be accompanied by vodka shots which explains why so many of those salads are so heavy and swim in mayo. If you want to inhale half a bottle of liquor and stay awake for dessert you need to take a bite of something very fatty before and after every shot.