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From Ohio to LA 2013


Earlier this year, I moved from Cincinnati, OH to Los Angeles, California to start a new job. To save money, I decided to pack up my 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix and trek across the country on my own.

Thanks to online bank records and Google Maps, I have very accurate records of data like how many miles I traveled, what it cost me in gas and supplies, and how long I spent on the road. Driving across the country seems like such an intimidating and death-defying adventure, but in reality it was a fantastic time, and I can't wait to do it again!

I already started compiling data from my records, and have a few main categories to be broken down: Rough total cost (hotels, gas, munchies); miles driven (point-to-point, total) and time spent (driving, resting, total). Other tidbits can be my car (listed above), things I saw, like the Grand Canyon, the size of my gas tank (17 gallons), etc.

Data Collected:

Miles Driven: About 2,345.

Days Traveled: 3.4 days, or 81.5 hours

Time Spent on the road, actually driving: Slightly over 37.

Money Spent on Gas: $232.60

Money Spent on Hotels: $195.19 (for three nights! And no fleas!!)

Money Spent on Munchies and Supplies: $27.07

Money spent to See Grand Canyon: $25

Total Money Estimate: $479.86

First Sketch of Timeline-As-Map Idea: (apologies for fuzz)


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