From Mood Board to Final Shot - Spaceghostpurrp

My name is Devin and I'm a photographer in Miami.

My images can be seen here:

I'm going to share a recent shoot from thought process to mood board to final shot.

Start with the subject. Spaceghostpurrp

I broke down his appearance and language he communicated through most of his current photographs.
Next we deciphered OUR language, and how to mold the two together..
My initial thoughts started with Kehinde Wiley's work - since it portrayed people like Purrp in a more eloquent, and highly presentable light, the way I love communicating individuals I photograph.

I also remembered this old shot of Cam'ron in [what I believe is] Dame's old magazine. I always felt it was the best portrait of a rapper.

You can see the immediate change in presentation (but not attitude) with the image of Cam above versus your regular Killa Cam photograph.
Then came set design and wardrobe.
We spent a couple days looking at wallpaper shops and finding props. This part was actually easier than everything else even though it's usually the hardest for me. After that we fetched Purrps [very] rough measurements and went to pull materials.
Here's one page from the wardrobe mood board and one page of the outfit choices:

Putting everything together...

My inspiration on light and framing is very Steven Klein, Mario Testino, Nadav Kander, Irving Penn, Noah Kalina, and a few others.. I'm a fan of playing with light in every aspect. I love watching older films and just geeking out on technique.
Here's some of my other work for reference.

Mariangel - Stylist/All-around cool cat

Meechy Darko - Flatbush Zombies

Steven A Clark - Recording Artist

Steven A Clark - Recording Artist

Last but not least, a few selects of my shoot with Spaceghostpurrp:

Overall I'm very happy and thankful for this project. I feel the team and I hit the nail on the head.
Thanks to all at Skillshare reading and Mr. Mannion; it would be a pleasure to hear your words on this project and my other work.
Thanks to all of those who were a part of this shoot and all of my others. I'm looking forward to more areas of editorial work in the near future.


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