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Irmgard Walthert




From Happy Gilmore to Agent Cooper

I ended up with a different quote than I was starting with. First I've chosen something from the film «Happy Gilmore». Actually a film I've never seen but I liked the quote: «I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast» «you eat pieces of shit for breakfast?»

After setting up the whole project, I realised that I don't advance with finding ideas for an animation/style that suits the quote. So I've chosen a different quot in the end. But I'll show you here what I came up with while doing some exercises with position/rotation/scale and the quote from «Happy Gilmore»:

For «I eat» I wanted to keep the animation very simple because It's not a playful way those words are told in the quote. I wanted to show a kind of agression in the speaking but I'm not sure it worked out. Maybe animating some splashes could help.




As I already mentioned I've taken a different quote in the end. Here it is:


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