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From Fort Myers

Hello everyone,

My name is Andrew Albright and I grew up in West Africa. I lived in Burkina Faso for twelve years but I moved to Fort Myers Florida for highschool and Ive been here ever since. I love photography and this class has inspired me to explore and find new places to take pictures. I will be studying photgraphy in the Spring at a school in Arkansas. Cant wait to explore a new place and take some more pictures. Hope you like some of my pictures! 

The first picture was taken at Fort Myers beach. I liked how you can see each person pretty clearly. I had to use filterstorm to clone out a random fence that was in the bottom right corner. It was very dark and distracting. 

The second picture was taken on Sanibel Island along with my cover photo. I had been to the island before but this time I explored different sides of the island and found a cool tree and some awesome rocks by the beach. I used averagecam to take the one with the rock. I had to use filterstorm on the picture of me standing on the tree too. There was a ton of debree washed up on shore and I had to take some of it out. Probably could take out more? 

The picture under the pier was also at Fort Myers beach. I thought it turned out clear. I dont really like the color. Maybe I could have done a better edit. 

The fourth picture was taking at a nature preserve in Fort Myers. It had many paths that traveled through the swamp. Ill probably keep uploading more pictures as my explorations continue. Thank you Cory for the class!


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