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Ana Menezes

Carioca designer and bookbinding enthusiast



From Europe to my hometown

Simple drawing exercise

For this exercise I decided to draw something really quickly on a notepad. I imediately thought I wanted to represent on a map all the countries I was able to visit during 2014, a year during which I studied in Londonas an exchanged student. Being from Brazil (a huge country), I was struck by the easiness of travel between European countries. I also wanted to state the place I loved the most...the one I lived in and hope be back one day...the UK.


Imaginary city exercise

For this exercise I decided to take the cutting paper approach...I love cutting paper and making a mess, so that was really fun for me. I imagined my ciy sprawling around this huge space right in the centre, like a big park around which the city grows.


Final exercise

From all my travels around Europe I collected maps from the cities I visited, and I kind of got fascinated by them. Upon coming back to Rio de Janeiro (my hometown) and on the occasion of my university final year's project, I decided to take the experience and the material I collected from Europe and design something for Rio. Rio has a huge potential for touristic groth but it lacks basic structure, such as providing the tourists with basic information about the city and how to move around it. So basically, I am still developing this map for my uni as well, but I wanted to share with you th first draft of it. I am trying to design a simple map that will help people move around eficiently. On the image below you can see a small part of what the map will be...just a part of Rio's historic and commercial centre (a region called Cinelândia). I want to use graphic representations of the main landmarks and icons for transport and other important information.




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