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From Ensenada to UTC

So the weekend started of Friday and we celebrated my Father's day with my Dad by going downtown to my work. It's better than it sounds. The agency I work at overlooks Petco Park, so we could see a bit of the Padres Game. Before the first pitch there was an amazing fly by courtesy of the Coast Guard... I think it was the Coast Guard anyways. It all happened very fast.


Saturday morning came and Pops have to drive back up north so it was time to brainstorm. It was my girlfriends Birthday weekend. We decided to think of all the options at a little coffee shop in South Park, San Diego called Madeline's.


She finally settled on. Mexico, so we bombed down south to this place called Cuatro Cuartos. We had heard multiple people rave about. It was also a place we could bring our Furbaby, Butch. 


It had this ridiculous view overlooking the ocean, but this classic car had really caught my eye. My girlfriend was kind enough to strike a pose in front of it while her friend Tommie got in on the action by trying to get into the car.


Mexico was amazing, but today we had to head to the mall to grab some summer clothes, but before anything happens, of course we have to get our caffeine fix. This time it was hip little place called Flowers and Coffee. Not surprisingly, they had great flowers and coffee.


We finally made it to the mall and I was so proud of my little man. With all the heat, people, commotion and noise, he was still amazingly chill and well behaved.


Great class and Thank you so much for taking the time to put it together. I used all of the techniques all weekend long and I'll continue too. 

Thanks again,



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