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From Dolomites with love

Hi Christian, hi everybody,

I almost missed the chance to upload my project, but here I am showing you my attempt.

I shot these images during my Christmas vacation on the Alps, a couple of weeks ago. I went skiing on the Dolomites (north east of Italy), definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. There wasn't much snow around, but that didn't effect the beauty of the place. I thought a new place would have been more challenging and fun, and it actually was lot of fun.

I am pretty sure I could have done better, especially with the low down shot, but... well... you know how it goes with first tries.

I hope you enjoy it!



I took this shot from a chair lift on the Cristallo mountain group, at about 3.000 m. above sea-level.


Here I was sitting on the snow (freezing!) in front of a wood pile, admiring the peek of the Tofana mountain group.


I did not want to take a shot of my feet or ski and I did not have a tripod either to take a proper shot of my self, so I decided to use my boyfriend's ski goggles mirrored lens. Maybe it looks too much like a bad selfie, but I like it.


Ok, I admit it: this one was hard! It took me a while to find a tool, because I did not have any extra gear beside my phone (a vitange iPhone 4, for the record) and I could not find anything to use around me. Then we stopped for lunch at a chalet beside the slopes and I found it: I used the wooden balustrated of the chalet to frame the image. I hope it can be considered a tool.


That's all, I hope you liked it.

If you are into mountains views, you can find more shots from this series on my Instagram > beatrice_p


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