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From Denmark to Iceland

Hello my name is Ólafur Kiljan and I live in Iceland. I´m working as a grip in the film industry here.

I recently went with my girlfriend to Denmark for a week. I´m always looking for the perfect shot. I try as much as I can to have my Canon, but that doesn´t always work out. When that happens I will take all my pictures on my Nexus 5 ( the camera aint that bad, just leave the HDR mode on ).

These 9 photos I´m choosing for this project are the last 9 photos on my Instagram feed. They start in Denmark but end up here in Iceland.

Hope you enjoy and tell me what you think.

Here is my profile : 


This is the Metro Station in Norreport, Denmark - Nexus 5


This one also in the Norreport Metro Station. Weird angle, but I like it. - Nexus 5


Having some fun with motion blur while waiting for the train - Nexus 5 


Some house in Denmark that had this realy cool lighting on it. Looks like a big fenceNexus 5


Was hoping to get a realy nice street portrait but I did not blend enuff in so it kinda failed. But this tree is just so mesmerisingCanon 600d


Those covers are telling a story. I just wish I knew what it wasCanon 600d


Here we are on our way to the metro to take the train to the airport to fly home. - Nexus 5


I was trying to capture the shadow of the plain. I realy startled when I saw the picture, because I did not see that other plain at first.  - Nexus 


Realy like this post-card and the way the light was hitting itNexus 5


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