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From Crows to Aliens

I'm not use to working with Illustrator, so I got a few headaches trying to negotiate the features within it. Live trace, and Live paint boggle me. I made the mistake of not cleaning up the scan before starting to paint, and I ended up having to finish that in photoshop. The painting itself was fun, but I'm not sure the drawing generates enough interest ( I refuse to paint crows or ravens beaks yellow) . I'd appreciate feedback. Thank you. 

Okay, So I've sort of done these projects backwards. Okay, okay I'm a little contrary like that, but partially because I don't have much problem accessing the wilderness of my mind...applying discipline and structure is the struggle I always face. So I did a few blind drawings. 

Not too exciting but fun. This next one I started blind but couldn't help  adding more details when I finished:

I tried turning the page around as I was drawing as Jon suggested. 

Then I came up with this doodle after doing more blind drawings: 

I don't know where this came from, but it amused my grandson. He's my best audience. Since I'm still learning illustrator, and was jonesing to play around with this, I painted it in photoshop. I plan to do a second painting of it in illustrator which I will publish here in a couple of days, but here is the plan for the color combos: 

More to come! Thanks


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