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From Chaos to Calm

As is visible from the quiz getting to 0 or 1 with all 5 phases is going to be a push as I don't really have any kind of a system set up currently. Occasionally I will draft out a day ahead using 30/30 app on iphone, but often find I go over the time allocations when I am in a groove. I like the pleasant feeling of accomplishment when I complete on even some of the tasks I set up for the day. I am aiming for more of that.

Stress is unfinished open loops - all of the ought to, should do and need to's.

New Year - New Start

When I first started this class I did download and used Todoist for a while and got set up with a few to do's, but although I got off to a good streak of "karma" accomplishing tasks I ended up not getting started on a couple of big projects that I think I should have chunked down smaller. So because I didn't begin on them they just sat not completed on my to do list and my satisfaction of completion dipped.

One of the main ones was to re-develop my SEO work website so I do still have that as a task on my todoist but it needs planning and preparation. Another class I am taking on skillshare is helping me with that. If you want to take a look at progress that's here.


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