From Blobs to Blooms

From Blobs to Blooms - student project

Hey, Joly! Thank you for this class! I admire the simplicity and the beauty of your paintings! Also I like that you are not afraid to show your art from the period when you were still a beginner, it is very motivating to see where you started! 
I am struggling with roses from the moment I strated with watercolor 1 year ago. I've took classes but it seems that I keep on missing something. I like your method so I practiced it and here is the final result. Not fully satisfied so could you please give me some tips on what exactly should I work on?
Also a question for you - recently I started using cotton paper for some of my paintings and I find it difficult to make a sharp crsip line, especially with the Sylver Black Velvet brushes. It is maybe the texture of the sheet, but how do you get these clean smooth lines?
From Blobs to Blooms - image 1 - student project
From Blobs to Blooms - image 2 - student project

Elina Zhelyazkova
Watercolor Artist