Jessica C.

designer and maker



From BK to Sweden with Love Part 1 : A Curated Art & Design Map of Brooklyn

I'm working with a friend on curated art project about cross-continental art connections. My friend is overseas in Sweden and I'm in Brooklyn. Since I'm here I thought it would be fun to document different art and design communities in my favorite borough.  I look at it as both a conceptual starting point and a way to track my research.

Below are my conceptual notes as begin to think about where I will start with my map. My friend and I are also trying to identify a city in Sweden, but I thought I would draw it freehand to begin to understand it geographically.

Selected Resourses:

On the Map by Simon Garfield (Audiobook)

Visual Notes for Architects and Designers by Norman Crowe and Paul Laseau

Architecture of the City by Aldo Rossi

With the exception of "On the Map", "Visual Notes" and "Architecture of the City" were in my design library. Though more architectural in subject, both books explore the how humans relate to space and city around them.



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