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Neil Judges

Flying Cow Labs Ltd




This is a great lesson and I definately learnt a lot - Thanks, George!

I decided to go with a frog, after all they're cute little fellas and I hoped to be able to get that across in my end logo.

My moodboard was pretty lame, I didn't want to do a leaping frog, mainly becuase the images I found for them looked too crazy: legs and webbed feet all over the place! So thought I'd try a more static pose, but again, due to the nature of frogs and how they sit in awkward poses it makes it pretty hard.

I decided to do a bunch of very rough sketches, looking at the anotomy of my mood board images for ideas. This is the one that made into Illustrator:

I traced it and added some more features then finalised the shapes with a grid - that helped a lot! And I'll be doing it a lot more in future...

And the end result:

Let me know what you think!


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