Frog and Insect

Frog and Insect - student project

Simple Sketch:

Frog and Insect - image 1 - student project

Work in Illustrator:

Frog and Insect - image 2 - student project

Frog and Insect - image 3 - student project

Add textures in Photoshop (Finished)

Textures are using the dissolve effect in Photoshop.
[ layer-blending modes-dissolve ]

I would like to make the drawing have a feeling of tension (frog almost eating the insect) so I modified some part of drawing many times.I also spent a lot of time on drawing the frog's tongue.(Drawing frog's tongue is hard for me)

I think the drawing should be better and be more dramatic.Maybe someone can give me some suggestions. :-)  

Thank you!

Frog and Insect - image 4 - student project