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Frog Near A Pond.

( Sorry about the poor picture quality, I had to take a photo with my phone)

   I actually drew ink before back when I was still studying art in community college (2013). I fell off partially because I got a new job that did not allow me to have a whole lot of time to myself. As of right now I have become alot better at time mangement, so squeezing time to make artworks like this is not to hard for me now.

  For my first piece coming back since 2013, I wanted to do something very simple and basic. In the past I was inspired alot by Hokusai, so end up doing a simple nature scene with a frog as my subject matter. In the end I am pretty happy with this piece but I do have my regrets. I used a really cheap chinese calligraphy brush to save some money but it backfired because ink ran across the page in ways I did not predict. Regardless, I end up using a calligraphy pen to tighten up certain areas which made the entire piece alot more cohesive.


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