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Fritz's 40th Birthday Bash

This is the final Invitation I sent out. The only thing I would change is the font I used for "Mile High Spirits". It just isn't bold enough to be reversed out as white on navy. I'm open to other feedback so I can do better next time, too.

Thank you, Jon Contino, for putting this class together for us!

Step #2: hierarchy & shapes

I may have combined a couple of steps, but here's where I'm at so far:

I dissected some of my inspiration images into shapes.

Step #1: history

My husband (nickname: Fritz) is turning 40 this summer and I'm planning a special party. I'll be working on a hand-lettered logo/type illustration which we'll put on T-shirts, etc. Then I'll use this illustration as part of the layout for the invitations.

Fritz is a graphic-designer-turned-manager who loves old-style lettering and handmade things. He brews his own beer and we have a big party every year called FritzFest. That's a different party, but I mention it because the brewing aspect is a big part of his identity within this group of friends. We also love fine food (he's a great cook!) and travel. We have no children, because—let's face it—we're kids ourselves, so I get to spoil him rotten. This party is going to be fun!

I've rented the Denver Pedal hopper—a pedal-powered bus—to take our friends bar hopping (I'll include a photo). We'll start at a local distillery (Mile High Spirits) and hit some craft breweries. This party is taking place during the same weekend Comic Con will be here in Denver. That's cause for adding a photo scavenger hunt into the mix!

I won't be sticking to one era. Downtown Denver is a mix of old and new, and so is Fritz! I'd like to combine elements of old-fashioned lettering, and the popular modern remix of block type and lettering which is so popular now. I may even try to incorporate pop culture styles from the 70s because he was born in 1974.


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