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Friendly local cats

It was pretty hard to come up with three ideas that were actually fit for the story structure that we see in the next lessons.

In the end I think the story of how I got my current cat is both recent enough that I remember it well and dramatic enough that I don't to exaggerate it too much. My exaggeration skills are rather new.

The story:

Cat sketch

I had a somewhat lonely catless new residence and I was now allowed to have cats, but I was reluctant to look for a cat, as I know for experience the right cat for you generally appears on its own.

She was a rather nice, if skinny, long haired cat, and appeared suddenly one day on the wall between houses. For the first day or so she stationed herself there I thought she was someone's cat. When she appeared again, the next day I thought, no harm ingratiating myself with the neighborhood cats and tried to give her an propitiatory offer of some food, she was very jumpy and run away when I opened the door to the garden, but then she came back and found the food and ate quite gratefully.

The next day she appeared again on that same wall, I thought it quite strange that a family cat would spend three days in a row on a wall. Again I offered food, and she was just a tiny bit less jumpy.

The day after something quite unexpected happened, as after the usual offer of food, she didn't run away at all, actually she followed me into the house and made herself comfortable in an endearingly cheeky way.

After a while it became clear she had no family and I was one cat richer. But that skinniness didn't go away even when I made sure she was well fed. A visit to the vet didn't uncover anything relevant.

Not convinced after a month I asked for another, more thorough visit, dropped the cat on the way to work and was quite surprised when the vet called me at work. The cat had a bad infection that needed an immediate operation, even though her playfulness didn't give it away at all. It was not an operation without risk, and I had quite an anxious morning, not knowing whether she'll make it and being stuck at work waiting for the outcome.

In the end another phone call came and as it turned out my cat was well and fixed. It took a while for her to recover completely, but she became even more playful and lively than before.


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