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Grace Danico

Illustrator / Designer / Archivist



Friend of the Household - Updated 10/25!


A zine about plants and their relationship to their people. The content will be illustrated, and possibly supplemented with photographs and text. 

Size & Page Count

I'm still deciding between either a...

  • One page with a series of little illustrations and a larger image on the reverse page
  • 4.5" x 5.5" zine

Printing & Binding

Inkjet printed cover, b&w laser pages, saddle stitched

UPDATE - October 25, 2013

Hello! Just wanted to post a quick update on my zine since it's been a while. I had an art show in LA with the same title as my zine. I chose to hand marble paper, and draw/paint images related to how we interact with our plant companions. 

Below are some images of the work, which I hope to print via colored laser. If anyone wants to do a zine swap, let me know! More images can be found here.


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