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Elsa Lang




Fried Egg: An illustrated journey


My zine changed just a touch from the inital sketches- I decided to simplify and focus on one of my favorite things, fried eggs!

It's a 11x17 one page zine- I did one edition of 10 on eggshell with watercolor + an edition of 15 on yolk.

Had a lot of fun putting this together, looking forward to making more!

Hi all-

When I got to sketching for my zine I ended up with a few ideas, and narrowed them down to two, which would both be fun for me, so I need some help deciding please!

A. Florida Flora
In this one I would do a small study of native Florida plant life, with a bit of info on each plant. Fold out poster would have a full scene with some other wildlife included. Possibly hand drawn or digital, but very colorful either way.

B.  Cross stitchn'
This zine would be interactive- I would design some fun simple patterns and each page would have a blank grid with dots indicating the color of the X, to be filled in by the reader. The finished pages would work as patterns for actual cross stitching, and I would include a little how-to starter in the back pages.

more details:

Thanks in advance for your help,



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