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Fried Chicken or Bust

To start with, I had three ideas to launch this project off of-

IDEA #1- "Sniper's Last Stand"

This thrilling tale tells the story of a heated battle of Nerf blaster Capture-the-Flag, where one hapless team is slaughtered, one by one, except for a lone sniper girl charged with guarding her team's flag. She uses clever concealment to make her last stand against her full-strength rivals.

IDEA #2- "Fried Chicken or Bust"

When my dad and I drove a Harley from Colorado to New York City, I, as a food lover, was dertmined to eat my way across the country. In this road warrior story, my dad and I race a motorcyle against the clock, the highway, and a slew of obstacles to make it to a legendary fried chicken shop... before they close!

IDEA #3- "First Snow"

Sitting in my office, on the morning of the first snow of the season, I heard violin music floating through the halls. In the dark, I wandered the studio, until I found the violinist; one of the studio's lead artists, slowly playing at his desk while watching the snow fall outside. 

I liked all these stories, and could see myself doing storyboards for each of them! However, I decided to go with Idea #2; #1 required a lot of explaination of the terrain and would require a HEAVY knowledge of dynamic perspective shots (not sure if I'm up to the task for a first project), and #3, while sweet, relies really heavily on sound as a storytelling element, and doesn't stand on its own, visually.

Fried chicken, it is! Now I have to work on drawing some motorcycles.


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