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Brook Gossen




Fridge Pickers Wear Bigger Knickers

Update June 12

Here's the blue version:

I left the coloured twangs, with the dark background they seem to work better than having just a line. It has more of a circus flyer feel too, so I think they suit it...



Update June 10

I have followed the advice in the comments (thanks Lorraine!) and changed the 'twangs' back to a line rather than coloured in. It lightens it and makes it more balanced. I appreciated the fresh view!

I've also added some more texture into the background. Not sure if it works or not...

Now to get started on my blue version.


Update June 5

More tweaking - I really played with the Kyle T Webster watercolour brushes, and now it has a more painterly feel which I like. Added a gradient to 'bigger', it looks a lot better...


Update June 5

I've played with textures for the version with the white background. I'm not entirely happy with the background, I might play with it some more. I need to go buy and ink pad! 

I think I've used too many different types of textures in this too, and will definitely use more consistent textures in my other version with the blue background. 

Here's some of the textures I used:


Update: June 2

Here's 2 colour ways I have created... Each very different from the other. I'm not sure which I like better, however the white one is probably more in keeping with my initial inspiration.

Time to add some texture...


I'm continuing on from The First Steps of Hand Lettering. 

Here's my moodboard: It has been created pretty much by my pinterest pics so please check out my boards if you'd like to find the sources.

Here's my final from The First Steps of Hand Lettering:

Time to add some colour...


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