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Fridge Pickers Wear Bigger Knickers

Final update 26 June 

I finished the final steps of hand lettering and loved it! I learnt so much. Check out my final image if you're interested. Thanks Mary Kate, you're awesome!

Another Update 12th May

Just thought I'd share this colour way, because I really like it! I hope you do too. :)

I think with texture I can make the lettering stand out more on the knickers. What do you think?

Update 12th May

I have been busy digitising my sketches. Colouring your image can make you see imperfections, and I can see a couple of things I need to fix on these, namely 'pickers' on the 2nd image, it looks so wonky! So, I will fix these issues and start adding some texture. 

I working on a few different colour ranges, but thought I'd just share these two for now. I have a similar colour range for each sketch. 

I'm getting started on the next course, however thought I'd choose a different quote so I get to hone in all the skills Mary has taught us in this class.  Practice, practice, practice! 

Update 25th March

I have inked both of sketches. I still think there is some room for improvement here and there and my pens & paper weren't the best for this project. On the first paper I tried, the ink bled and it looked awful. I tried to find where Mary mentioned what kind of paper to use, but couldn't find it. I didn't have time to sit through all the videos again... If anyone knows, please let me know in the comments? 

So I think I'll fix the elements I'm not happy with and then start the next course and get some colour on them!  

Update 12th March

2 more sketches with ornamentation. I feel like these are really coming along now. 

The first is femine, the 2nd is fun.. I think I like the 1st one best, the 2nd seems too busy. When I ink, the knickers will be black with the lettering white as per my other sketches, along with the ribbon. 

Any feedback is appreciated - please (pretty please) comment! 

Update 27th Feb

Here's some sketches from my thumbnails. Any feedback welcome. Which one should I ink? 

I just need to move the E in fridge over a little bit on this one. Does it need more ornamentation?

OR with a border? Keeping in mind when I digitise it I'll colour it... 

And do they need ornamentation? I'm working on one more with some slices of pizza & pie and will upload soon. Just wanted to get these out there in the meantime...

Thanks, any feedback is welcome!

Update 17th Feb

3 more rough sketches from my thumbnails: (wow you can really tell the difference between HB pencils and 2B in my scans!)

Now, which one out of these? For me it is between b & c. I had such trouble getting Pickers to work on an angle... Any feedback is welcome. :)

Update: 13th Feb

2 rough sketches based on my thumbnails. The one on the left is a little too boring (IMHO) but with the other, I just couldn't make the Fridge Pickers look quite right. Suggestions? Perhaps keep Fridge, and change pickers so its straight and then use the remaining triangle for wear? Hmmm will try that now that I think of it... 

Update: 11th Feb

Here's some thumbnails. I think I might do another round tomorrow. There's definitely a couple in there that could do with some tightening up. So far I'm liking the simplicity of 1 (once digitised and with colour it could look really sweet) and 5 which to me feels stong and playful...

Any suggestions welcome! 


Update: 10th Feb

I've worked some more on my warm up. Such fun! I was having trouble with swashes so copied from a typeface (Ragazza) I've used before to get a feel for it. Its way too formal for my project though... 

Next up thumbnails.


Fridge Pickers Wear Bigger Knickers

I saw this on a fridge magnet years ago with my sister and we thought it was hilarious. Now many years later, it came to mind, and I thought it would be a fun lettering project.

Here's the words that come to mind when I think about the quote. I look at in a playful manner rather than seriously...

Here's my inspirational moodboard. It has been created pretty much by my pinterest pics so please check out my boards if you'd like to find the sources.

Now for my warm up... my favourite is my lettering in a shape. I could definitely refine some of these, I had to keep remindig myself that it was just a warm up otherwise I would have spent waaaay too much time on it! :)

Wow, I can't believe I missed a video! And an important one. Time to redo some of the above work with this in mind... I'm going to redo my script (which I wasn't happy with anyway) and my directional. I might do another serif too. Practice Practice Practice. :)


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