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Fridge Genie


I am health-conscious and prefer to cook my meals at home.  I am also very lazy and don't like to plan.  There is an inconvenient disconnect between the large amount of recipe information available on the internet, what I feel like cooking/eating, and what I currently have stocked at home.  Fridge Genie would link these three sources and give me options for what to buy at the grocery store.

User Stories (Use Cases)

  1. As a healthy bachelor, I always have leftovers ingredients.  I want an app to help me remember what I have in the fridge in a simple way.
  2. As a mom, I cook for my family and struggle with variety.  I usually shop for what's on sale.  I need something to help me quickly decide what to cook.
  3. I just started a diet and stocked my pantry with ingredients.  I need help knowing what produce to buy and what to cook.
  4. I see so many cool recipes on different sites, but I always forget them when I'm at the market.  I want an app to help me remember.
  5. I hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year and made everything from scratch.  Now I have a bunch of new spices in my pantry; what can I make with them?

Fake it til you make it

  1. User takes picture of fridge.  
  2. Manually identify and database items.
  3. Search 2-3 recipe sites for common recipes with those ingredients.
  4. Send user a report of database items and recipe tips.


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