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Friday it's a great day to start something new

Twenty-one days (20/02)

Well, I think I've made it, came from almost zero production to lousy making things and acquiring this habit of weekly review in 21 days.

In reality there is no real progress as I'm still trying to catch up with old tasks and projects that I left unfinished, but I'm not beating up myself for not doing so, what is a great achiviement I think.

I lost track in Todoist until yesterday, when I tried to revamp it. I really don't know if it is a trust issue that I'm really not aware, because I don't think there is something out of Todoist or a very bad lack of habit. I started tagging items with estimated time to completion.

For the next week I'll challenge myself to keep tagging new tasks with "estimated pomodoros" and actually doing my Daily list of Routines...

Definitely lacking of habits (13/02)

Horay, typing and achieving 50% of my february goal.

This week I started checking the tasks in the start of the day but it was hard to keep any routine as the week passed by. While lacking of any motivation I found myself really without discipline, then I realized that I need to be more disciplined. How? I really don't know yet.

I just resumed all my thoughts in this *first of 2015* drawing.

We should not wait for sunny days to do anything in our lifes.

By the way, I count 14 days since I've started this project and I'm way more productive than before, thanks Tiago.

Where all my time goes? (06/02)

Well, I am writing this week, so I have 25% completed of my new habit in february.

I am not getting used to use my productivity tools nor taking too much care of them, I have checked them not more than 5 times this whole week.

This week I tried to find any routine app that could make reviewing a little bit easier but I had no success. So I'll try to be simple and made 2 papers glued next to my monitor for that purpose.

My little, still small to-do routines

I'll see what will be the results of daily and weekly reviewing with these. 

Starting (30/01)

Hello :) I found this course as a way to achieve things I've been thinking, as I realized I am not even near starting them even after years. Finding at least why I didn't start anything will make this class and time used worth (with the benefit of life organization)

I've been watching the class' videos for the last 10 days, rewatching those I think I did not got right. Today I started this project without thinking too much, and it's friday.

My GTD.LAB test after a week I've started

As my test shows, I got a little trouble to review, so I am always starting things mindlessly and forgoting/struggling with them after.

Month Challenge - February

February is here so is 2015. I still keep still waiting for something to happen and then work, keep creating unrealistic schedules on my mind that are very weak:

I'll start this as soon I do that, and that, and that another thing... oh, time to go to bed, tomorrow will be a great day to start that first thing I tried to do today <repeat>

Knowing that if I start three new habits I won't be able to keep any and acknowledging that life it is not made of big breakthroughs I will slowly start my overnight success by writing my week reviews here on this project. I hope that in one year I look back and thank me for the decisions I made today.

Ideas in mind

  • Find a routine app
  • Define reviews ok (06/02)
  • Find a Project Time tracking *new (06/02)*

Tools in use

  • Todoist    Task Management
  • Tomighty    Pomodoro Clock
  • OneNote    Reference/Notes
  • RescueTime    Time Tracking

Tools removed

  • Wunderlist (29/01)

I am a Windows Phone user (the reason I'm still using OneNote) and Wunderlist have a great native app, equal as web and desktop apps, while Todoist doesn't have one, just third parties apps. So I started with the first.   

After repeatedly trying to mimetize Todoist functions on Wunderlist without much success: Wunderlist doesn't make tags, subtasks and archive intuitive, I made the change, while lacking of some small functionalities on my phone, the overall pays off.


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