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Frida Sunset Matrioshka

Hi!  This class was great. I love watercolors but tend to lack some kind of structure and the class was very helpful with breaking down the process and practicing precision prior to starting with the actual painting. :)

1) After struggling with what to do as a nesting doll I saw a Frida quote somewhere and that was that ...


2) It idled for a bit but on a beach trip it started to gain some life. I never tend to swatch and that was quite nice and different. Definitely will do so more.


3) Then the day after on another trip it gained more color and details


It was nice to mix media a bit too, another thing that tend to not do. This time I used acrylagouache for the opaque details and stabilo liners for others. What I did have some trouble was getting the acrylagouache details scanned correctly. Definitely loved all the changes in the workflow because of the class. 

Final work:




Thank you!!


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