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Miles Blackwood

Music, Web & Design




A practice tool for guitarists. Generates an exercise randomly, be it a run up a scale, a chord in a number of different positions, or a set of arpeggios.

The tool is designed for guitarists who want to test their memorization, and is best used in conjuction with something like for quick refresh or reference. Other than that, the idea is that it's easy to generate very different exercises and shapes, all in all reinforcing memory, improving fretboard movement and technique.

It has the potential to be gamified, but that might be hard--considering a "successful" exercise would be dependent on how successful the student was at performing it. Maybe if there was a lower limit on time before the next exercise was generated, it could collect a total score of "number of lessons completed" and a daily ranking. If the exercises are ranked by their difficulty, and have that component controllable by the student, it might be a really useful tool for people to share with their friends.

Anyways, hoping to at least be able to build the framework. I have a little background in HTML, CSS and a tiny bit of JS, so definitely hoping to improve my understanding of arrays and strings and the like. Know I will probably be using the .sample function quite a bit. So, looking forward! Cheers, everyone!



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