FreshWisdom: A New Approach to Success for Millennials.


My greatest fear is to reflect on life when I'm 75 with regret I didn't LIVE the way I wanted - that I just kind of went through the motions.

I did that before in my early twenties. I struggled to graduate from an excellent school until I got my act together. When I graduated, opportunties to get a job weren't really there as I expected.

Through networking and hustling I got a job that was ideal or related to my education but paid my student loans. I was earning $14 an hour ... and b-o-r-e-d.

I walked into work one morning and was told the company was bankrupt and closed, effective immediately. So I had a small box of my office stuff while waiting for a train to go home and I kept thinking of my situation.

Lehigh grad. 24. Broke. Unemployed.

I felt furious because I "did everything right" and I was in some ways worse off than when I began. I had a lot of friends in similiar situations. That experience is when I basically decided something had to change. So I started changing. I took the challenges facing me and my generation and turned them into opportunities. Things got a lot better. I became happier.

So I began reaching out to many people doing awesome things and asked a ton of questions. How are you making this work? What actions are you doing that's propelled you to this point? Why are you so successful?

And from there I learned a ton, made many new friends, and started creating successes of my own. I enjoy sharing lessons, strategy, and instruction with Millennials that aren't often taught in school.

So I started sharing this information on a Wordpress blog. Then as I wrote, I decided I wanted to turn my blog into a business. I truly enjoy it and it's meaningful to me and I know it helps people - a win-win. Right now I'm aiming to really go for it 100% to transition FreshWisdom into a business.


Business Model:

I'm here to re-evaluate and solidify this, but as I see it, the FreshWisdom business model is offering:

  • Live events: Conecting smart, ambitious Millennials with people doing remarkable things who share their knowledge and serets of success.
  • Live workshops: The art of building a network, Meetups groups that connect people at no-pressure workshops, how to present your authentic self in the best way to the world, how to get powerful people on your side, etc.
  • E-courses and e-guides: Detailed strategy to help Millennials get unstuck, reach or discover their goals, stop going the motions and start living.
  • E-coaching: Working one-on-one with personal access to me and team of FreshWisdom roster of "mentors".


  • Website "online storefront"
  • Co-working space to host live events and workshops
  • Wide and deep network of smart, experienced people who assist with live events and workshops
  • Myself: Wide range of experience, repeated successes, skillset that translates well across multiple areas

List the human resources you will contribute or hire:

  • No FreshWisdom employees (at any point in the near future) but, I will need:
  • A new website (again)
  • Marketing help (paid ads)
  • And help from talented, smart people who will assist with live events and workshops

My customer and what the customer gets from doing business with FreshWisdom:

The FreshWisdom customer is typically between 20-33. The in the Millennial age group. They went to college or are currently in school. They have student loan debt, they are overwhelmed by all types of career possibilities and feel overwhelmed by those available choices, they want to work on things that matter to them, they value flexibility, independence, and having options, and they believe in doing good - both for themselves and for others. Authenticity is important - specifically the ability to live the type of life they want without compromising who they are.

Hard part:

Getting companies to sign-on to an externship service. A huge issue in finding direction and knowing what you want to do is that without the actual experience, it's hard to know what you like and don't like to do for a living. I want to create a service that allows FreshWisdom customers (current grads or post grads (22 and up+ through 33) who are looking for direction the ability to sign up for an externship where they can shadow current employees at places Millennials care about like startups, creative spaces, and small business. I need a value proposition for those companies to agree to this.

Another hard part is getting noticed. 

Unique part:

Going back to the above, there are currenltly externship services with some colleges but virtually none once you're out of school. And there's such a need - which I will fill but getting the right companies in my area (Philly) to sign on will be a challenge because it is unique.


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