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Grace Garton

graphic designer, illustrator, artist




I'm currently working on a re-branding project for school. The business I chose to re-brand is Lush, fresh handmade cosmetics.

After researching the company and brainstorming words, "Fresh" was the word I found that encompassed LUSH. "Fresh" is constantly repeated in all their marketing.

I looked online at Design Seed and made a mood board of colour inspirations, then went through the Pantone Bridge book to find their equivalent. I had to brighten up some colours because looking at them as RGB or in CMYK there was a lot of difference.

Giving myself 12 colours to choose from, even though I only need two or three..I wanted to know which ones worked the best together..

108 colour variations! From here it is easy to see which colours work the best together and which don't. Next step is to design the logo, business card, signage and letterhead.

Playing with the final logo and choosing colours

The final logo, simple, but it took some work to get there.

And here is the business card I made.

I really enjoyed Domonic's course, it was well orginzed and opened my eyes to new ways of working with colour..thank you.


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